Sunday, December 26, 2004

Back to Work

A quick round-up of recent news stories.

Gov. Warner touts fiscal centrism and raises $2 million.

"The thing I'm proudest of this year is that there was that
re-emergence of what I call the sensible center. People took off their partisan
hats for a while and said, at least in terms of the finances, let's try to make
a tough choice and do what we think is right for the long-term fiscal interests
of the state."

Two Republicans want Virginia to leave behind Bush's No Child Left Behind.

Schools are not cookie-cutter institutions that can all
succeed from the same top-down plan. Along with adequate resources, educators
need some flexibility to attain the nation's overall goal of ensuring that
youngsters leave school with the educational skills to become productive adults.
Until the administration gets serious about retooling the program, No Child Left
Behind will be little more than a catchy, but empty, political slogan.

A good piece in The Roanoke Times previewing the Kaine-Kilgore showdown. The verdict? It won't be

The Social Security dust-up is ongoing and, yes,
Northern Virginia Congressman Jim Moran is STILL a member of the faint-hearted faction. Call or e-mail his office and DEMAND that he issue a statement asserting his unequivocal support for Social Security. Oh yeah, please don't forget to be clear about what Bush is really trying to do to the most successful social program in our nation's history.

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