Monday, December 27, 2004

Campaign Finance Reform in Virginia??

The Manassas Journal Messenger opines on the problem of money in politics, but offers absolutely no suggestions to help alleviate the problem.

Of course, there probably is no reasonable remedy for escalating campaign costs without
encroaching on the values of free speech. Unfortunately, to finance these grand endeavors, the candidates find themselves spending more time on the fund-raising circuit than the campaign

They point out the recent case of Prince William County Attorney Sharon Pandak who withdrew from the race for Attorney General after realizing that she "would be spending the bulk of [her] time in the campaign on fundraising." I have a hard time believing that Pandak didn't understand the demands of the race before she entered. She must have known the amount raised by her opponent Creigh Deeds.

But honestly, one would think that the Journal Messenger could come up with at least ONE suggestion to improve the situation. I mean, isn't that their job?? They get paid, right??
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