Monday, December 27, 2004


One criticism of the blogosphere offered by those in the "mainstream media" is that bloggers are accountable to no one. They can write whatever they wish, true or not, without fear of retribution. This is true to a point, but ultimately exposes a fundamental misunderstanding of what blogs are about. The power of a blog is unleashed by the collective wisdom, experiences, and ideologies of its community. The wisdom of this blog's community has already begun to speak.

I received an e-mail pointing out some mistakes I made regarding my characterization of Congressman Jim Moran. In my anger regarding his unclear position on Social Security, I inadvertently linked to a statement made by Congressman JERRY Moran regarding impeachment. The e-mailer also stated that Jim Moran voted against "impeachment on all counts."

This is, I guess, technically true. Moran was, however, one of 31 Democrats to cross party lines and vote for the initial articles of impeachment. Therefore, it would be tough to argue that he voted against "impeachment on all counts." The e-mailer also points out that Moran "voted for the unconstitutional third trimester abortion ban, he has since changed his mind on this and now votes against such a ban without a health-of-the-mother exception." This is true as well. Moran voted for the late-term abortion ban a number of times until finally changing his mind and, in the last few years, voting against it. Therefore, my assertion that Moran crossed party lines on the issue must stand.

I thank the e-mailer for his pointing out my linking error. Nonetheless, until Congressman Moran issues a statement asserting his absolute opposition to the President's plan to destroy Social Security I will continue to point out Moran's past "mistakes" (by "mistakes" I mean mistakes in policy rather than in his personal life) in the hope of avoiding future ones.

In closing, please do not hesitate to e-mail/comment on any mistakes that you notice on this site. I WILL post a correction for any factual misrepresentations that I make.

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