Monday, December 27, 2004

Death Penalty Redux

Just a few days ago I told you that Kilgore would hammer Kaine for his opposition to the death penalty. Apparently, the Washington Post shares that view.

But more powerful than Kaine's opposition to the death penalty is the fact that he served as a defense attorney on several death penalty cases.

Tuggle raped, sodomized and shot a woman while on parole after killing a 17-year-old girl. Whitley cut the throat of his Fairfax County neighbor and then brutally sexually assaulted her.

This whole thing will get very ugly and expect to be hearing A LOT more about Tuggle and Whitley in the next eleven months. Kaine's opposition to the death penalty is sincere and I admire his unwillingness to compromise on such an important issue. Similarly, the right of ALL alleged criminals to a competent defense should be indisputable. Nonetheless, these are esoteric explanations that are difficult to communicate over the course of any political campaign.

Check back for updates on this important story!

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