Tuesday, December 21, 2004

A Good Idea...We Need More of These in VA

Lt. Gov Kaine suggests that we give regions more control.

The concept of regionalism pops up frequently in Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine's vision for Virginia's future.Recognizing that the success of the commonwealth’s cities and counties is tied so closely to their regional economies, Kaine wonders what would happen if the state started approaching other important issues—like education funding, for example, or transportation and land use planning—from a more regional perspective.

"In every way in which we send money back to localities, we ought to be encouraging regionalism," he told Times editors and reporters in an interview last week.
As I see it, this issue is directly linked to controlling sprawl. Development is NOT merely a local issue, it is a regional and state issue. There needs to be serious mechanism put into place to FORCE localities to coordinate with each other and with the state on zoning/development issues. Kaine's proposal seems like a good start, but I'm not sure how much traction it'll gain over the course of the campaign.

As we all you know, you campaign in poetry but govern in prose. This sounds like prose to me.

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