Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Kaine Fights Back

I thought this was interesting.

And perhaps alluding to the failure of presidential candidate John Kerry to
forcefully respond to criticism of his military record, Kaine said, "Unlike
some Democrats, I'm not going to sit back while attacked. I'm going to stand
up and fight for what's right."

I've long felt that Kerry made a huge mistake in not responding quickly and decisively to the Swift Boat lies. On that note, I'm glad to see Kaine going on the offensive. At the same time, however, its usually not good to see accounts of your negative ads in the press. Unless, of course, you need the free media that badly.

I'd like to see Kaine generate some negative coverage on Kilgore by doing something positive. A proposal to tighten restrictions and stiffen penalties on telephone eavesdroppers might be a place to start.

Commonwealth Commonsense makes a good point regarding Bush's propensity to attack and the hypocrisy of Republicans crying foul at the hint of a Democratic attack.
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