Friday, January 07, 2005

Cosgrove v. Women

Daily Kos has a great discussion about Del. Cosgrove's insane bill. I went through some of the comments and picked out my favorite. The winner is...poemless who gives us this piece of inspired prose:

"We should personally call Cosgrove himself each time we menstruate. Not in order to obey the law, but because millions of hormonal women calling constantly might shut him up, or at least make him reconsider his little hobby of preoccupying himself with the product of our
reproductive systems..."

Unfortunately it seems Virginia is gaining a national reputation as a breeding ground for ultra-conservative, wacky laws. I hope that The Virginia Progressive and other VA bloggers (check out the links to your right) can be a force to expose and highlight the extremism of people like Del. Cosgrove during the upcoming election cycle.

If you're visiting the site for the first time -- as many people are -- please join us in our quest to dismantle and defeat the arch-conservative stranglehold on the VA legislature.

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