Sunday, January 02, 2005

Looking Ahead

The Daily Press gives a nice look ahead to the upcoming legislative session and the Kaine-Kilgore gubernatorial showdown.

The verdict? The legislative session will be relatively calm while the race for the governorship looks to be pretty tough. Recent MyDD and Dailykos discussions have centered on the impending battle between the aggressive Kaine and the arguably-effeminate Kilgore?

Should Kilgore's somewhat-feminine voice and mannerisms be part of the campaign? I don't know. But I do know that HE won't be calling Tim Kaine an "economic girlie man" any time soon.

Also check out Political State Report for a run-down of VA goings-on courtesy of conservative blogger Will Vehrs. Pay close attention to his description of the split between moderate and ultra-conservative Republicans in the legislature. This dynamic MUST be part of our 2005 strategy. Divide and conquer!
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