Sunday, January 02, 2005

Marshall Made News

The Potomac News lists Delegate Robert Marshall (R-Prince William) as a top newsmaker for 2004. Marshall, who made the list alongside fellow Republicans Sean Connaughton and Harry Parrish, is recognized for his outspoken views on same-sex marriage.

Western Prince William Delegate Robert G. Marshall, R-13th District, sparked controversy during the 2004 General Assembly session for sponsoring HB 751.

This legislation, passed by the General Assembly, prohibits gay couples from having any of the rights and privileges of marriage.

Despite the fact that same-sex couples already lacked the right to marry or form a civil union, Marshall found it necessary to further restrict the rights of law-abiding Virginians. The bill passed after the legislature overrode Governor Mark Warner's veto.

You might remember the esteemed Mr. Marshall for his crusade to restrict access to contraception or for his enlightened comments during a public forum earlier this year. This man is an extremist.

If his goal for 2004 was to make news -- he succeeded. But if his goal was to enact sensible and meaningful public policy that would improve the lives of everyday Virginians -- he most certainly failed.

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