Wednesday, January 05, 2005

More Dems in Legislatures

Bob at Commonwealth Commonsense cites a Times-Dispatch editorial pointing out that Democrats picked up 60 seats in state legislatures in 2004.

State legislatures often serve as incubators for Senators and Congressmen. For Democrats, the results from the state contests, including Virginia, rate as a sliver of good news in an otherwise dismal year.

Yes, state legislatures often serve as incubators for Senators and Congressmen. More Democrats in lower offices means a larger pool of candidates to choose from for higher offices. Oftentimes, the key to knocking off an incumbent is a quality candidate. A quality candidate is one that can raise money, put together a great campaign team, articulate a vision, and drew meaningful distinctions with his/her opponent.

But, to me, the more significant conclusion to be drawn here is that OUR message works when it is communicated in a way that people can understand. Local candidates have the ability to take the Democratic platform straight to the people, free from the filtering of sensational media and misleading attack ads. Therefore, wins at the local level expose the superiority of our priorities. People want what we have to offer. Our job is to convince them that we, as Democrats, can provide it.

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