Monday, January 03, 2005

Presidential Ambitions

The Times-Dispatch has this piece on the presidential ambitions of Mark Warner and George Allen.

Commonwealth Commonsense chimes in. Two things struck me in this article.

First, Warner should NOT try to challenge Allen in 2006 and then expect to run for President. The timing is too close, especially with the front-loaded primary schedule.

"If Warner wants to run for president, he should run for president. If he wants to run for the Senate, he should run for the Senate. He shouldn't try to do both," said political consultant Steve Jarding.

Second, Allen lacks gravitas.

If he runs, Allen "will have to show some gravitas," Rothenburg added. "He will need to talk knowledgeably about national security and defense issues."

Stu Rothenberg, always the gentleman, is being polite here. Allen is a bit of a dope. I've seen him speak on telecommunications legislation and he was unable to expand beyond generalities and folksy one-liners. Of course, that strategy has been pretty effective for you know who.
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